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What’s In, What’s Out: Designing Benefits for Universal Health Coverage  argues that the creation of an explicit health benefits plan—a defined list of services that are and are not available—is an essential element in creating a sustainable system of universal health coverage. With contributions from leading health economists and policy experts, the book considers the many dimensions of governance, institutions, methods, political economy, and ethics that are needed to decide what’s in and what’s out in a way that is fair, evidence-based, and sustainable over time.

As far as the solutions are concerned, some of the best strategies to deal with this issue are to encourage the people who undertake family planning operations after their second child besides diminishing the social and governmental benefits to the people having many children. For example, people who take family planning should be applauded with many benefits such as some cash prizes, waiver in transportation through government buses and free education to their children. Though this tactic costs an arm and a leg to the government initially, it would an effective way for a long-run. Secondly, with the advent of new scheme, people who will give more births to children will not be entitled to enjoy governmental benefits like free medical facilities to their older family members, educational scholarship for first graduate of their family or the assistance should be reduced to some extent. Furthermore, it is also expected to receive excellent cooperation from its citizens to produce fruitful outcomes of this plan, because a good government is unable to succeed without responsible people paddling their own canoes. Thus, all these approaches are recommended to prevent the disaster rather than combat the adverse effects once they rose as prevention is always better than cure.

Essays globalization india

essays globalization india


essays globalization indiaessays globalization indiaessays globalization indiaessays globalization india