Sample of argumentative essay pdf

I believe that there are valid reasons for patients to consider euthanasia because it saves both the patient and their family members from many financial burdens associated with terminal diseases. Euthanasia is the choice, and an alternative for patients who suffer immensely and their decision should be respected to help them alleviate suffering.  In many countries where euthanasia is permitted health care cost have been significantly contained. Patients with chronic illnesses do not have much choice but to die peacefully and with dignity.  Terminally ill patients are permitted to request from euthanasia to stop suffering.

An argumentative essay should be backed up with strong evidence. Each paragraph should be limited to one point of argument. Presentation of one idea in a paragraph makes readers to understand your paper. Each point should be accompanied by strong evidence. Explain the evidence further by providing reasons as to why you picked the evidence. You might also accompany your evidence with statistics and quotes to make it stronger. Remember you need to argue your points out. Do that by the use of strong evidence. Look at examples of argumentative essays from and study how the evidence is presented.

Sample of argumentative essay pdf

sample of argumentative essay pdf


sample of argumentative essay pdfsample of argumentative essay pdfsample of argumentative essay pdfsample of argumentative essay pdf