Unseen world and other essays

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Instrument used: Inspect Family
Magnification: 5000x
Horizontal Field Width: 2 µm
Vacuum: .2 mbar
Voltage: 2 kV
Spot: 3
Working Distance:
Detector: SE Share

As for the natives of North Sentinel boarding the vessel, there is no way of knowing for certain, but I would have been very surprised indeed if they had not done so, in order to salvage anything they could get that they might possibly figure a use for. A great movie (comedy) called “The Gods Must Be Crazy”‘, from the 1970s or 80s, was a good example of what a previously uncontacted tribe in Africa might have experienced if something from the modern day world, which they really know little if anything about, is introduced into their lives.

On Weathertop, after he put on the One Ring, Frodo could see the Nazgûl’s mantles, robes, hair color, helms, “haggard hands”, and swords, as well as the Witch-king’s crown and knife. [ LotR  I 11  (212)]   There is no mention of his seeing their Rings. Yet we know that while merely carrying the Ring in Lórien Frodo could see Galadriel’s Ring: “it cannot be hidden from the Ring-bearer, and one who has seen the Eye,” she tells him [ LotR  II 7  (384)] . (Those who don’t accept this line of reasoning can point out that the attack at Weathertop occurred before Frodo had seen the Eye.)

Unseen world and other essays

unseen world and other essays


unseen world and other essaysunseen world and other essaysunseen world and other essaysunseen world and other essays