Virginia woolf the angel in the house essay

The usual mix of personal experience, the sharp end, versus the thickness of indoctrination which seeks,so disparigingly, with dismissive, impatient words, to decry the validity of the experiential. In the case of mental dis-ease, unwellness and every plagued epithet that can be imagined in trying to describe it all,there will always be this divide. Those who suffer know the territory and can recognise it at 1,000 paces when they see it. Those who don’t suffer but have an opinion….Why? Why does this affliction, that your judgmentalism confirms you have no knowledge of, cause such vehemence in you against the sufferer? Why this condition? What, precisely, is it that you fear so much?

Men and women have similar structure in their minds. A novelist has a peculiar state of mind. He wants to be as unconscious as possible in his inner self and in his inter relations. He is always in a trance. Any change in his immediate environment is unbearable to him. Things should be quiet and regular for him. He is really always in an illusion. Most woman writers find it hard to write freely of their feelings. They fear men would be shocked at what they have written. However, women have entered almost all professions human skill can enter. Woolf tells women: ‘You have won rooms of your own in the house hitherto exclusively owned by men. Now they have to be furnished, decorated and shared.” It is said that men in the house will have their favourite seats, and the women in the house have their favourite rooms. It is interesting to note that Woolf's advice to women also illustrates how womanish an advice can be.

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Virginia woolf the angel in the house essay

virginia woolf the angel in the house essay


virginia woolf the angel in the house essayvirginia woolf the angel in the house essayvirginia woolf the angel in the house essayvirginia woolf the angel in the house essay