Wageningen university thesis database

Today, Wageningen is also the central city in Food Valley , [11] the Dutch food & nutrition cluster concentrated around WUR, and comprising many institutes, companies and state-of-the-art facilities in the food & nutrition field. Food Valley is regarded as the largest food & nutrition Research & Development cluster in the world. One such firm, Keygene , a biotechnology company in Wageningen developed AFLP in the early 1990s and collaborated with Beijing Genomics Institute to sequence the entire genome of Brassica napus .

Wageningen University was the first Dutch university or school that was allowed to use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) label. This label is awarded by the European Commission and guarantees the quality of the study programme. An important consideration is that the university consequently applies the European Credit Transfer System; this promotes the mobility of students within Europe and prevents study delay. The label is an acknowledgement of the international character of the university. Out of 56 European applications in 2005, only three ECTS labels were awarded.

Wageningen university thesis database

wageningen university thesis database


wageningen university thesis databasewageningen university thesis databasewageningen university thesis databasewageningen university thesis database